Sewermatics: AI-Powered Data Services

AI Powered Data Services by WinCan

Wastewater has become a data-rich industry, and WinCan’s Sewermatics data services provide a solution to the biggest data challenges facing sewer inspection teams today. From AI-powered defect coding and cloud hosting to data conversion and visualization, Sewermatics allows municipalities and contractors to offload any or all of their data management and analysis to our NASSCO-certified team.


Defect Coding

Helping Municipalities Offload or QA Inspection Footage
• Overcome workload spikes and skill gaps on inspection projects.
• Spend less time and money on internal QA/QC.
• Gain new value from poorly coded or outdated legacy data.
• Improve the accuracy of coding with AI.

Data Conversion

Finding Value and Improving Reliability of Legacy Data
• Convert data to and from any format or inspection standard.
• Unlock your data from your previous inspection software and achieve data freedom.
• Combine legacy data from different standards into one cohesive standard.

Cloud Hosting

Reducing Risk, Increasing Accessibility and Streamlining Deliverables
• Centralize your inspection data to access it anytime, anywhere from any browser-enabled device.
• Control user permissions to ensure data is only accessible to those who need it.
• Reduce the risk of losing important data from an on-premise server crash.
• View, customize and send deliverables directly from WinCan.

GIS Integrations

Enhancing Data Visualization and Asset Management
• Overlay your GIS data with heat maps to pinpoint critical areas of your system.
• Build and analyze 3D models to visualize pipe location, grade and proximity to surface features.
• Quickly transfer data between WinCan and industry-leading partners, like Esri, CentralSquare (Powered by Lucity), Cityworks and Cartegraph.