Buried Insight

Sewer inspection data—it’s only as valuable as the insight it gives you. WinCan revolutionizes how you make decisions based on the rich data today’s inspection technologies capture. Imagine a single, integrated application giving you the power to manage your infrastructure and resources in real time.

Superior Data

Uniform, standards-compliant data is the foundation for any successful inspection program. WinCan’s robust support for coding standards, intuitive interface and strict data validation ensure you have the basis to perform a precise system-wide analysis.

Stunning Visualization

Your job is to understand trends, extract insights and make decisions. WinCan’s analytical horsepower and elegant visualizations help you see past the data to understand the most urgent maintenance needs of your infrastructure.

Incisive Reporting

WinCan reports combine tabular data, schematics, graphs and images so you can drill down quickly to specific problem areas. Within WinCan’s report generator, easy-to-use filter and query tools let you assemble complex data sets, and customizable templates ensure your deliverables.