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WinCan ProTouch

All the features you expect from WinCan at the touch of a button
WinCan ProTouch provides everything you need to easily document inspections with zoom and push cameras. Data captured by ProTouch can be used directly in WinCan VX for advanced reporting, filtering/query, GIS-Integration and WSA, WRc, EN13508 compliance.

— Designed for touch-screen data entry on any device, phone, tablet or desktop, WinCan ProTouch has everything you need to document inspections made with crawlers, zoom cameras and push cameras.

— ProTouch data is fully compatible with WinCan VX, so you can transfer your data to exploit VX’s enhanced reporting, querying, GIS features and standards support.

— ProTouch distills the most popular functionality of WinCan VX into a simple touch-screen interface, giving you the tool, you need to document inspection of mainlines and laterals.

— Data captured by ProTouch can be used directly in WinCan VX for advanced reporting, filtering/querying, GIS integration, and PACP compliance, but also in WinCan WEB. You can easily share, edit or store projects using our Cloud service.

— WinCan ProTouch is a mobile friendly application that you can use with any device that is supported by WinCan VX, but also with those that are wireless.

— ProTouch is the first WinCan application that you can connect with devices wirelessly and control them.

The current version of ProTouch will be supported through the end of 2022. As of January 2023, there will no longer be support for the old version of ProTouch, only the new version will be supported.

WinCan Web Flex

The cloud version of WinCan with project editing and creation features
WinCan’s WEBFlex brings desktop functionality to the cloud with all the benefits of centralized data and workflows. Device independence allows team members to easily log in and access all relevant data from anywhere – ideal for home office work or mobile devices outside the office environment. Try it today with a free trial of WinCan, you can register directly at and get started with a demo account.

— WinCan’s WEBFlex brings desktop class functionality to the cloud with all the benefits of centralised data and workflows.

— Functionality from report creation from a simple video file to full feature scoring and reporting are all now available in the cloud.

— Admin control access and features to team members from a simple interface and control panel.

— Device independence allows team members to simply login and access all relevant data from any location.

— All data collection versions are also compatible with WEB. So, data from embedded systems, ProTouch or WinCan VX are all easily connected to WEB.

Try it today with a free trial from WinCan.

WinCan MobileApp

Easy-to-use app for capturing manhole data on your mobile device to replace paper and digital camera capture with a cell phone or tablet – fully integrated with the familiar WinCan infrastructure.
With the WinCan Mobile App, you can perform simple manhole inspections directly on your smartphone or tablet. Basic functions include data collection, taking photos and videos with the integrated camera and recording the current position via the internal GPS sensor. Data can be captured offline and then synchronized with WinCan Web, which also provides essential post-processing tools.

— Simple & fast Manhole data collection.

— Save current GPS position.

— Admin control access and features to team members from a simple interface and control panel.

— Add photos and videos from your mobile device camera.

— Full integration with WinCan Web.

3D sensor measurements
With WinCan you have several options to create plans for wastewater networks. The simplest method is the use of 3D sensors, which record the pipe run directly during the TV inspection. WinCan VX is fully compatible with the systems from Ibak (3DGS) as well as Rausch (Latras). For users without 3D sensors there is also the possibility to create a sewer plan by manually entering the bend observations and angles.

WinCan Ai

WinCan Ai, our AI-powered WinCan coding service, extends your team and speeds up data delivery
WinCan Coding Service applies powerful artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to the biggest challenges in sewer inspection and rehabilitation. View real-time heat maps, identify hidden trends, and get to the root causes with our AI-powered visualizations. Save yourself days of work with our remediation planning service.
AI should solve more than one.

— AI assisted Coding. Upload pipe and manhole footage, get back coded inspections. It’s that simple. And WinCan has the world’s largest user base, so our AI can grow faster.

— Team Collaboration. Different jobs, different departments, one goal. Using AI, WinCan Coding Service optimizes team scheduling and workflow hand-offs so you get more done.

— Data Translation. Data siloed across different applications, formats and standards? Let our Coding Service fix that. With merged data, you’ll get broader insights.

— Map-based Visualization. More data, more headaches? Not with Coding Services from WinCan. View real-time heatmaps, spot hidden trends, and drill down to root causes.

— Rehab Planning. Save days of effort and guesswork. Our AI builds smart, system-wide rehab plans that factor in defect type, proximity, severity, criticality and repair cost.

WinCan VX Drone Import

Flyability Elios 2 drone data can be imported and post-processed directly into WinCan VX
The data can be uploaded to the WinCan Cloud, further processed and sent to the end customer at the click of a button.

— Automatic calculation of observation distances and section length according to the trajectory files.

— Save current GPS position.

— Import of all POI’s including photos, video-time and distance. .

— Distance from post-added observations is calculated automatically.

— Fully compatible with WinCan Web: Data can be uploaded to the WinCan Cloud at the push of a button, further processed including shipping to the end customer.

More info about our partnership with Flyability is available here.