WinCan VX 2022.14.0.0

Release date: December 2nd 2022

Key notes:
Cityworks GIS authentication extended.
New option to turn off video synchronisation.
AI tools group removed from VX ribbon – all AI tools are online now.
Implement IBOS OSD distance counter units for imperial measurements.
New object internal flag for ‘Enterprise objects to be inspected’.
Map commands behaviour refactored and improved.
Warning in 14.0 installer about Sentinel dongle EOL added.
Custom inspection direction media renaming reworked.
Implementation of the OSD “Aries Voyager”.
Update VLC player for LaserScan.
Map fix, Coordinate system lost after reinitialize.
Map Rotate Scale option fix to consider 3D.
v8-VX convertor hidden buttons fixed.
Data export for Isybau 96 repaired.
3D fix for inspection geometry.
Settings for the “Measuring direction” field fixed.
Fix made to stop Observation from being created when distance pop up is cancelled.
Fix on DDMS continuous shapefile Import to Existing project.
DanDas Project Summary printing report fixed.
Predefined user settings restored after loss.
Map fix to display linear objects when they have no nodes.
Map fix to only draw an inspection when it exists.
Fix for section data entry in Austrian Isybau projects.
Various other bug fixes.


      WinCan VX Video driver 2.7.7 (Vitec, MobileCap)

      Release date: July 22nd 2022

      Key notes:

        Updated Sensoray 2253 driver


        WinCan VX License Server

        Release date: January 17th 2023

        Key notes:


        ESRI ArcGIS Plugin

        Release date: February 15th 2021

        Key notes:


        WinCan ProTouch (old version)

        Release date: July 17th 2020

        Key notes:


        WinCan ProTouch

        Release date: December 9th 2022

        Release notes:


        • Added length of Video to playback time indicator
        • Enabled pausing while clicking on the video
        • Blocked Video properties changing during recording
        • Improved adjusting OSD color controls position when labels are changed
        • Introduced ProTouch API version 2
        • Added button for starting/stopping Inclination measurement
        • Pause recording during parallel laser in Simple Project
        • Added ProTouch API Simulator plugin for handling scenarios
        • Improved handling of multiuser WinCan Web account
        • Added Video recording indicator in upper bar
        • Added handling of Crack Width measurement
        • Enabled forcing distance unit in ProTouch API
        • Reduced lag on IBAK video preview using separate preview window
        • Added Magewell cards support and optimized video handling
        • Added slider and dropdown to supported Dynamic UI controls
        • Added button for distance counter setting on Simple Project Screen
        • Extended customization capability of Dynamic UI controls
        • Added font size scaling ProTouch Software OSD
        • Added capability of sending notifications over ProTouch API
        • Added notification to ProTouch API clients about ProTouch Application closing
        • Added notification to ProTouch API clients about ProTouch Application UI language
        • Improved Dynamic UI panels management via ProTouch API
        • Introduced “heartbeat” in ProTouch API
        • Introduced “System Status” tab with data configurable by ProTouch API
        • Introduced field aliases in ProTouch API
        • Rescaled axes in Inclination graph
        • Enabled Shenzen-Singa OSD device
        • Improved Pipe graph scaling in the Reports
        • Improved sliders usability on Android
        • Added Crack width measurement tool


        • Fixed focus problem during exporting files
        • Fixed deletion issue while importing Project
        • Fixed adding default contractor to simple Projects
        • Fixed disappearing preview after saving Report to PDF
        • Fixed inactive “Screen on/off” button in OSD panel
        • Fixed “Cancel” button in “Missing LightViewer” popup
        • Fixed objects changing size and positions in Drawings
        • Fixed OSD mask refresh
        • Fixed OSD panel overlapping with the Video progress bar
        • Fixed Observation data corruption
        • Fixed time indicator refresh on OSD
        • Fixed slider in OSD settings
        • Fixed several issues in data table for pipe graph in Reports
        • Fixed moving OSD device list item
        • Fixed Video resizing in OSD settings
        • Fixed issue while deleting non-last Inspection on the list
        • Fixed spikes on Inclination graph
        • Fixed validation while entering distance counter value
        • Fixed inclination unit conversions in ProTouch API
        • Fixed disappearing OSD devices list
        • Fixed detection of internet connection
        • Fixed ProTouch API not allowing to set negative distance counter values
        • Fixed app crashing when too big distance counter value is entered
        • Fixed several icons’ visibility in Light Theme
        • Fixed disappearing parts of Expanded Arrow in Drawings
        • Fixed navigation from Project Management to Contanct Management
        • Fixed “AM/PM” moved to other line in ProTouch Software OSD
        • Fixed “Inclination” label position in Inclination graph
        • Fixed placeholder value in distance counter setter popup
        • Fixed issue while importing the same Contact several times
        • Fixed playback issue after deleting a Video
        • Fixed Free Text favorites removal
        • Fixed Catalogs and Templates auto-selection in “Create Project” popup
        • Fixed company Logo not showing in ProTouch Software OSD
        • Fixed distance counter propagation from ProTouch GUI to DynamicUI/ProTouch API
        • Fixed Video playback issue after entering Objects configuration popup from OSD Panel
        • Fixed redundant notification after taking Photo
        • Fixed several graphical issues
        • Fixed Contact editing issues
        • Fixed OSD Project Bar refresh issue
        • Fixed Confirmation Popup issues
        • Fixed issues with some Observations’ logic
        • Fixed incorrect video codec used on first run

        Windows | Linux | Android

        Vision Report 2 Converter Tool 2.1.3

        Release date: December 14th 2021

        Key notes:

        • Misc. bugfixes



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