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The WinCan Software is a specialized application for the inspection and administration of wastewater network systems. WinCan offers different solutions starting with the collection of the inspection data to the analysis of this data and finally the integration into Geographic Information Systems (GIS). For over 18 years we have focused on innovative technologies and on a global market strategy. These two principles of our philosophy explain why the WinCan software allows the integration of the newest inspection technologies in 46 different languages and 50 different inspection standards. With more than 6400 licenses sold worldwide WinCan software is the market leader in the pipe inspection software business.

New: WinCan LaserScan Module is WRc certified...


WinCan Version 8 -
the Professional Pipe Inspection Software

WinCan v8 delivers professional designed pipe inspection reports. It does not matter if you are doing an inhouse inspection or an inspection of the public sewer system, WinCan offers the most advanced technology for every inspection purpose.


WinCan ProTouch and WinCan 3D -
For the professional Inhouse inspection

WinCan ProTouch is a specialized software package for the inspection of house connections. It offers a touchscreen user interface and is made for tough environments using the toughest hardware.

    WinCan GIS -
For the Professional GIS Integration

The integration of inspection data into GIS systems like ArcGIS can be a cumbersome task. Often the original data has to be converted and some important data fields cannot even be linked to the GIS. With WinCan GIS you can create observation shapefiles and directly link into the ArcGIS without the need for an intermediary data conversion.

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WinCan is now PACP 6.0 and LACP 6.0 certified.
 CCTV Inspection Software WinCan PACP 6 Pipeline Inspection Software WinCan LACP 6 

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