The WinCan Software is a specialized application for the inspection and administration of wastewater network systems. WinCan offers different solutions starting with the collection of the inspection data to the analysis of this data and finally the integration into Geographic Information Systems (GIS). For over 22 years we have focused on innovative technologies and on a global market strategy. These two principles of our philosophy explain why the WinCan software allows the integration of the newest inspection technologies in 46 different languages and 50 different inspection standards. With more than 7000 licenses sold worldwide WinCan software is the market leader in the pipe inspection software business.

  NEW - WinCan Web: A cloud solution that dramatically simplifies your data delivery process

WinCan Web is a cloud delivery and storage solution for CCTV inspection data collected by WinCan.WinCan Web is a cloud delivery and storage solution for CCTV inspection data collected by WinCan. The way data has been presented and ultimately delivered by WinCan has evolved over the years. We started with printed reports and video tape, then the world went digital and moved to CD and DVD delivery, as storage became larger and cheaper hard drives and USB memory sticks have become more and more popular. The biggest downside with all these possibilities is they require physical delivery of the report and video. Normally this involves posting a DVD to the customer.
This takes time which ultimately delays the report delivery and decision making. With WinCan Web we have moved on, in fact we have moved on-line!
It’s now possible to deliver your CCTV data over the internet using a cloud based server. Once a section or survey has been completed all you need is an internet connection to upload your data to WinCan Web. Simply select the project you wish to upload or update and send it to the cloud. Read more....

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WinCan Web

WinCan VX
  WinCan Analyst
WinCan VX  -  For Contractors   WinCan Analyst - For Municipalities

WinCan VX is the core of the entire WinCan product family. It offers the core functionality you need to collect pipe inspection data, organize it into a database, and generate inspection reports that graphically display the pipe and its defects.
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WinCan Analyst is a software to valuate, manage and analyse Sewer Networks. One of the main values of WinCan Analyst is the seamless integration into different GIS Systems and the optimisation for high performance. WinCan Analyst contains different functional areas: Management of status data of the sewer systems including their automated classification and analysis of the characteristics of the sewer Systems. 
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